Saturday, August 18, 2018

LEA24 - Echoes by Livio Korobase

Metaphysics of frequencies 

A return to nature as a fluctuating cosmic vision, resonating vibrations where matter is in continuous movement and space does not exist. It is the unifying force of subtle body and energy fields. 

Some "invisible" elements seem have a strong effect on matter. They are all the unseen, intangible, but we hear them, we feel them.. Every phenomenon is a material trace of the invisible forces that generated it, an indissoluble fusion of content and form, of interior and exterior elements. 

This time my exploration is dedicated to one of this elements: sound. 

How much do the "invisible" sounds influence our perception of the so called "reality" -are real or virtual  the same?  So, i created some ambients where sounds drives my vision, each sound resonating within me, a sensation that i have tried to translate into a 3D visual representation. 

It Is important during your visit to turn on your viewer's sounds and your volume up, and  use camera controls to change the "point of view" of each audio sequence. 
Wear headphones, use your best possible graphic card setting and good exploration. Good luck with horses and asteroids. 

All the original loops can be downloaded at under license Creative Commons 3.0

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