Friday, July 8, 2016

LEA13 "SNARL" Opening July 10th 1PM SLT

               Mac Kanashimi shares with The Second Life Community, the colorful
             random fiber like curls that flow in every direction!

                                "SNARL" By Mac Kanashimi
                       Opens July 10th 1PM

        Mac's "SNARL" vine like tubes uses three different cycles for hue, saturation and lightness, giving each prim a different color.
 This bright "SNARL" rebuilds once per day, and this colorful creation zig-zags between the floor and ceiling to fill the Snarl sim space! This fun zig-zag form aids the 4 kilometers high build to manage its size while offering it a low lag presentation!!

Please join us as we WELCOME "Mac" to LEA ROUND 11
We welcome the Residents of Second Life to this Great Opening Event
July 10th at  1PM


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