Friday, April 29, 2016

Sky Fire @ 5 Dimensions May 1st at 1pm

5 Dimensions invite you all to a particle performance by SKY FIRE Sunday May 1, 2016 @ 1pm SLT

by SKY FIRE performed by PARTICLE TOM & LEXI 

Have you ever thought you were awake but at some point realized that it was but a dream?  Sky Fire, one of Second Life's premiere particle performance groups presents their latest fantasy:

MUSIC DJ Abigail Tempest

AfterGlow party to immediately follow.

 .:Sky Fire:. has been a 3 year celebration of the performance of particles that brings together the  fusion of creative instincts, spiritual beliefs, and artistic sensibilities, .:Sky Fire:. brings a fresh collection of ideas and particles into Second Life.

To minimize lag, we ask you to not wear AOs and HUDs and other scripted tings under the show, for the benefit of us all, thank you.

Join the group, 5 Dimensions Friends to know more about other performances by 5 Dimensions

If you want to perform here contact one of the owners.

5 Dimensions:  Betty Tureaud, Tansee, Gem Priez, Mandel Solano

The event will be held across 4 sims, allowing a total of 300 visitors


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