Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Chic Aeon Tribute to Art @ LEA


Brilliant tribute by Chic Aeon to the amazing artworks at the LEA in March 2012


  1. Good movie, very bad form not to recognize the artists who made it possible.

    Oberon got a little mention, but I guess everything else was made by Chic. NOT.

    The line between exploitation and doing the right thing, is called CREDIT.

    Giving credit where credit is due is critical in the arts but does not seem to be the habit of people who make movies in SL. This is not ok. I notice that the movie maker made darn sure their name was on the movie, and I KNOW that SL movie makers want to be taken seriously as artists in their own right so why not start by recognizing the work of people shown in their movies?

  2. this machinima is an extremely positive thing for the artists and the LEA. It is a clarion call to all to go see the exhibits in person in the final days.

    I am sure the acknowledgements will be duly added

  3. Note from Chic: I do respect your position "Anonymous". It was my intention to show each and every artist that was a part of the LEA endowment series in an OVERALL look at the LEA endowment sims. Two installations had been removed by the time of my filming. Any artist missed was an oversight. I visited each sim, one by one between the 10th and 13th. I of course have my personal favorites, but I did my best to show them equally.

    Anyone who has visited the LEA sims in the last few months recognizes the places they have seen. This film was meant as a reminder of what we have made together, not as an artist review.

    Anyone who has kept up with openings and the LEA art site recognizes the artists and their exhibits. This was not a video about my work; my installation footage is indeed one of the shortest clips in the film.

    If I have offended any of the artists by not listing their names, I do apologize. I, personally, would not have been upset. We are a WHOLE at LEA, the first of the pioneers to have had the opportunity given us by Linden Labs and the committee. It was my intention to leave us with a brief memory of what we have made as a group.

    I, a least, am happy with what I made.

  4. Thank you so much for this video Chic. First I want to say that you pointed out the delicate nature of Virtual Art. This medium is so delicate and transitional that if not recorded in Machinima or boxed in a rezzer, then its gone for good. As time passes we will look back at these preservation's and know where once we come from.