Monday, December 26, 2011

LEA Month of Machinima for January

The screening event will be Wednesday, January 4, 2012, at 5 PM SL time (PST), and here are the films selected around the theme of Black and White. As always, we have a range of genres and styles representing the creativity and ingenuity of Second Life machinima, and selections that showcase art machinima, the art of machinima, and machinima about art.

We receive more submissions than we can choose for a month's program, and here are this month's selections:

Spiral Silverstar
black and white ain't always nice

cisko vandeverre
der erlk├Ânig / the elfking by joh.wolfgang von goethe

Aiden Witrial
black and white

Miles Eleventhauer
Miles11Hour Episode Six - 'A Great Day In Virtual Harlem'

Botgirl Questi
Botgirl and the Living Dead Doll

M4SK22 Melody
Down and Out

Draxtor Despres
Flufee on a Meshion - Episode 8: Mesh Noir...

Mary Wickentower
Zwart en Wit - LEA MOM entry

Chic Aeon
Shades of Gray

Contessa Idlemind
B W 02

Come to the LEA Theater on Wednesday, January 4, 5PM, and screen these terrific films with the machinima community, and hopefully some of the filmmakers will be there to talk with L1Aura Loire about their films and machinima-making.

Films will play at the theater as of January 4; right now, the December ones are there!

Thanks to LaPiscean Liberty and AViewTV for streaming.

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