Sunday, November 26, 2017

LEA2 Rory Torrance opens ASTEROPOLIS

ASTEROPOLIS:  Alien Architecture and Art by Rory Torrance
An astonishing display of virtuoso primsmanship!

Rory is known for his unusual buildings, made entirely of prims without mesh or sculpties, and exhibiting exotic geometries.   His work is as precise as possible, and always flawlessly textured.
Many of the builds are scripted with doors and windows that open and close at a touch.  Those that don't have stairs are equipped with teleporters.
The default location has teleporters to the other locations.  The show consists of 18 distinctive edifices on land and in the sea and air. 
It also incorporates a retrospective of Rory's favorite sculptural and graphic works.  Some of the sculptures do incorporate mesh or sculpties, but again they  mostly rely on 'prim torture'.
Be sure to visit the Planetarium in the Rhombic Temple, where models of all the 45 worlds of the Solar system (excluding only the non-rounded bodies) and the 9 extra-solar worlds of the Uncommonwealth are on display.
We hope you enjoy your visit to Asteropolis.

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