Friday, May 12, 2017

LEA18 - Afternote: Existence in Balance .. information, 2 new shows are planned - JenniferMay Carlucci

From  Kayleigh Quan...
The date and time reads May 6th, 13.00 PDS/22.00 hours CET. Nervous but very positive vibes can be felt on the LEA 18 sim .: Existence in Balance :. Today is the big day of the event of “We Are One”. 
A dance show carried out by our wonderful dancers in combination with Team SkyFire, Particle Tom and Lexie Marshdevil. Last checks are being done. Music ready? Check! Dancers ready? Check. Team SkyFire ready? Check. And of course, audience ready…Yes, a firm check on that one too.

LEA18 is filling up with residents who want to experience what .: Existence in Balance :. wants to share with the theme “We Are One”. 
It is amazing to see how many residents come to our show.  With a capacity of approximately 70 avatars being allowed on the sim, JenniferMay thought it might be a good idea to ensure residents were able to see the show, even when the sim is fully packed. 
So, to ensure everybody could enjoy the performance, Jesseca Tiger set up a live stream

About the performance itself, to be honest, I don’t have enough words to describe it. It is an amazing, wonderful, unique, heart-warming, loving combination of music, costumes, dance movements and particles. Giving the residents an amazing sight for sore eyes.

In the words of the creator of .: Existence in Balance .: , Jennifer May Carlucci “From the start it was my goal to show people how glorious this earth is we life on, without pushing them into a warning or lifting a finger wagging 'what if...”. 

The EiB team received so many positive and warm responses, it was so overwhelming and swept us of our feet. All the congratulations and “aawwes” and “ohhhs” overflooded my IM box. And from what I understood, it was no different in the boxes of all who are involved. Many residents who followed the live stream were asking if there will be another performance. 
Watching the stream only made them wanting to see the show 'We Are One 'and experience it in person.

So, albeit this was supposed to be a one off performance, the heart-warming reactions of many made the team decide to set up 2 MORE shows
Keep an eye open on this space, as soon as we have a date, we will share this in here.

In the meantime, feel free to watch the live stream  and have a look at our .: Existence in Balance :. - Dancers and team SkyFire -  [ Existence in Balance]. 

We have done our very best to capture the essence of the wonderful show, moments of love and awesomeness. 

Pictures of various photographers can be found here.

Love and Light,
Kayleigh Quan

In accordance with 
JenniferMay Carlucci and Falkon Wickentower

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