Monday, December 19, 2016

LEA20 -- The Walkway to the Stars, December 22nd 12.30pm SLT


Join for the last time Art Blue at LEA20 before he gets lost in time and space. Say goodbye to Art at 12:30 PM PDT before the concert of DD Deceptions Digital starts at 1:00 PM PDT and the last installment opens: a flight for 15 space rackers to the Surreal Cube. After you arrive there do a spiral walk up to the Stars created by JulietteSurrealDreaming.

Listen to the intro of BE GREEDY which starts on voice at 12.32 PM PDT. The music stream will be active from 12.15 PM on channel where Art will play some of his favorite songs and say to each guest a personal word.

Don´t be late as the play BE GREEDY has two parts. Part one happens in voice stream from 12:32 until 12:50 PM and then it blends to the second part: A time travel where you need to set your graphic on ULTRA – otherwise you will not see the GREEDY LIGHT and not get what Victor Vasarely says meeting Art in 1986 in Aix-en-Provence, France.

Then Juliette will pilot the audience to her Stair Ways to the Sky installation inside the Surreal Cube and DD will start the concert made for this day.

The intro to the first part of BE GREEDY you can listen right now at

BTW: Don't miss the Christmas gifts! LEA20 - December 22, 12:30 PM SLT


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