Thursday, March 3, 2016

LEA8 -- Surreal Tower by Art Blue


ARTIST: Art Blue


Art Blue´s core grant ends on March 31, 2016. It is my pleasure to invite you to a sim closing performance. Particle Tom and Lexi Marshdevil will perform  on LEA8 above one of the SURREAL TOWERS at 1.00 PM as teaser and at 2.00 PM SLT the show. What particle show it will be stays secret. Visitors have to stand on “ladders in the sky” outside the sim and watch from there. Art Blue will rez ladders on LEA3 in some height. All you need is to jump on one the poseballs there – you will move in a Vitruvian pose - as you see in this video by WizardOz Chrome: - at time stamp 1.30 min.

About the SURREAL TOWER will be an Art Talk on March 10 at 1.00 PM at the Surreal Art Gallery on sim Claressa where Art Blue will speak with CyberXstrike becoming the first woman having a full backup profile for an eternal life as an avatar, with the contributing artists to the Surreal Tower for Eternity and report on the ongoing project. A short teaser by VJKriefer you find here:

It might be surreal what we may encounter once more after Art Blue´s Moonrezzer on LEA14 in 2015. Let´s have fun.

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