Sunday, May 10, 2015

(trumpets please) It's Time for the 9th Round of LEA AIR Land Grants!

Cocytus 9th Circle of Hell (general)

Sound the Trumpets!

Applications for the 9th Round of LEA Land Grants are now open. Don't be intimidated or sceptical about your chances - just submit yours soon.

Frank Lefavre had seen the etchings done for Dante's work, fell in love with them, and wondered if he could do something inworld. He applied, was accepted, and, as you can see, after much effort he succeeded.

Tell your friends. Tell people whose works you admire. Tell everybody to tell everybody to get their grant applications filled out - you have 3 weeks to submit for this Round.

Cocytus 9th Circle of Hell (general)

If you, or your friends, are unfamiliar with the LEA Grants you can find more information by following the link. You can also ping any of us on the Committee and we'll be pleased to help if we can (and meet in person if translators are required).

It might help as well if you visit the current installations. Go to LEA3 and you'll see a circle of giant posters - click on them to get teleports and (in most cases) descriptions.

Apply for a grant - realize your own vision in Second Life!

Cocytus 9th Circle of Hell (general)

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