Wednesday, March 25, 2015


     To someone without a home living on the streets, the bustling city becomes one united exterior. "City Inside Out", explores a world that lacks interiors. Entering any doorway opens onto yet another exterior. Some pedestrians throw coins into the beggars’ hats, others bark insults to their faces. Joggers, dog walkers, groups of boisterous friends, clean people in new clothes, romantic couples, cell phone conversations, shiny traffic, wash their daily tides of health and prosperity past the homeless. Late each night, the people living on the streets are confronted by another kind of crowd, dangerous as the sharp knife and gun. They are defenseless, even within their own bodies. Sensations abound, prickly as lice and poisonous insect infested clothing, blurry as sight without glasses, with ringing ears of imaginary voices, and resignation to untreated illness. The survival test is administered without consideration for those who will see the next day.


     Built on three levels, the eroding exteriors infuse themselves into the air space of the sky, onto the land of perpetual traffic, and below the land, completing the dominance of the harsh realities into every possible corner. The unbelievable stories of these people are hung out to dry in the wind.

     I am planning another event at City Inside Out, in either May or June. It will ask some creativity on your part, if you wish to participate :) A poster will be set up at the landing spots. Please click on the poster for a notecard with description, and info on how you can participate.

Thank you,
Haveit Neox

CITY INSIDE OUT opens Thursday March 26, at 1 PM SLT.
It will remain on view until June 30.

An exhibit by Haveit Neox on the LEA20 sim
March 26 - June 30, 2015

Landing in the sky for the opening on March 26 2015 at 1 PM SLT:

Landing at GROUND LEVEL of the exhibit:

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