Wednesday, March 25, 2015

LEA16 - PEARLS by Searby

ARTIST: Dave "Searby" Mason
OFFICIAL OPENING: March 31st - 2PM SLT with Molita Quan

PEARLS – Precious Emotions Are Radiant Layered Sublime

There are 3 places here.  Please walk straight in the direction of the blue arrow.  Inside the white sphere is a twirly object, click on it to be taken to the second place.   Please Note – SET SUN TO MIDNIGHT for the second place, which is called DANCING LIGHTS.  There is a coloured object to click on to take you to the 3rd place.  You have to get near to the transported objects to click on them.  Please turn the sun back to ‘sunset’ for this 3rd place called “Walk Through Words”. 

All three places have transparent “walls” in them that will trigger a sound when you walk through them.  SL has a volume limit on this function, so please use Headphones and have your machine volume as high as you can stand.  When you trigger a sound, hold still for 30 seconds or so before moving on. 

There is a 4th place but it does not contain objects made by me – it contains plants made by Soror Nishi.  Please set sun to ‘Midnight’ again as these plants are at their best at night.  For me, Soror Nishi’s work is some of the best in SL  -  I wanted to see on them on display again.

PEARLS – Precious Emotions Are Radiant Layered Sublime

“We open the door to feelings and start the constant looking at the ones we can see. We learn that all feelings are connected to each other. The feelings we watch are connected to the deeper ones we cannot see. This then can be our path, from the known feelings to the deeper unknown”

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