Saturday, March 7, 2015

LEA26 --- Lorin Tone Lecture Series on Audio Ambiences in Second Life

MadTone, Lorin's installation at LEA26

On March 8 at 2 PM SLT, Lorin Tone will begin a continuing series of discussions regarding inworld sound applications in SL and other virtual worlds.  They will take place at the same time every Sunday and he will address among other things, as he says tongue in cheek,  "How not to annoy people with stupid sounds on your sim."

This first discussion will be a combination of lecture and discussion, with input from attendees welcomed throughout.

1.  A seated tour and description of the LEA 26 "MadTone" sim.

2.  Basic audio principles, creating and implementing inworld soundscapes,  #2 will keep us busy.

Bring your opinions, questions and ideas.

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