Saturday, January 5, 2013

DRUM performs Sunday 10AM, at "Of Sound Mind," LEA19

Of Sound Mind (LEA 19) invites you to join us for a performance by ~DRUM~ on Sunday, Jan. 6 at 10 AM SLT.

Enjoy a live in-world musical performance of percussion styles from around the world at the "Fortress of Beat", which is possibly the most dangerous music venue in SL.

Of Sound Mind is a collaborative demonstration of the many ways that sound effects and music can be employed in SL.  It is packed with displays by artists, musicians, builders and scripters including Glyph Graves, Madcow Cosmos, Lorin Tone, Meriadne Merlin, Marcus Parrott, Cube Republic, Mia Anais, Judi Newall, emSynth and featuring new installations by Basement DeSade.

The new Rabbit Hole!
Don't miss the latest installation by Basement, the "Rabbit Hole"....also our newly revised Chess Set Bumper Cars!   And there's lots more to see, plenty of freebies to seek out.
We hope you'll join us for the fun!
-Lorin Tone
Of Sound Mind 

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  1. Thanks Zachh! If anyone who reads this post doesn't attend the event, I'll kick this bunny.