Sunday, January 6, 2013

Danger In Evolution: Nessuno Myoo & Kicca Igaly


We are pleased to invite all of you to the opening of our installation entitled 'DangerInEvolution' this
Thursday, January 10th, at 2.00 PM-SLT to LEA27.

Here below some information to help for explore the work.

'DangerInEvolution' is a project born from the artistic collaboration by Kicca Igaly and Nessuno Myoo and tied to an activity promoted by Linden Lab for their encouragement, diffusion and promotion of art in SL, through the LEA ( Linden Endowment for the Arts ), called 'Artists In Residence'

The initiative involves the award of a sim to one or more persons,for a period of six months at the service of an idea-on a free theme- that can attract the visitor's attention in an area managedindependently, including through the establishment, after the opening,some targeted events that keep alive the interest speculate ...

For this project we decided to tackle a topic dear to uswhich is that of the contradiction that is at the heart of any technological and scientific evolution when there is not  growth,maturity and an awareness of value potential risks that this implies evolution in the life of everyone. Especially when interests of prevarication or economic, social , religious interests come into play.

Instructions for use
The narrative structure is expressed essentially in three distinct areas:

The Arrival Area
Sky setting:  Phototools- Breakwave Building Light
Water setting:  [NB] Hidden Depths
where is possible to access at all information necessary to start this trip and enjoy the real installations and teleport, by means of which can move for access to the other two stations.

The area dedicated to building by Kicca Igaly
Sky setting:  Phototools- Breakwave Building Light

The area dedicated to building by Nessuno Myoo
Sky setting:  Phototools- Breakwave Building Light

For a correct viewing we recommend to set a qualitygraphical viewer (Preference \ Graphics options) to 'High'and make sure you have activated the parameter 'atmospheric shaders'and a draw distance of not less than 280 mt.Remember that for each of the three destinations then there is a the same setthe light of heaven, which once arrived on the scene do not have to do anything but accept the changes suggested by your viewer.These suggestions  to be able to fully enjoy the experience and live in virtual worlds what is commonly called immersion.

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