Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Gracie Kendal - Ce n’est pas une peinture


SLURL to installation:

Open call for photo/video work for my install-

In September I started work on my immersive environment at LEA15 called Ce n’est as une peinture. While I am still tweaking it here and there I have had  friends show me some very cool creative photos and video they have taken.
I would love to see what photos and video you take of my installation. There are so many creative/inventive people in Second Life, I want to see how you would put that to work with my art.
There will be cash(Linden) prizes:
Photos: $3000L first place, $2000L second and $1000L third
Video $5000L first $4000L second and $3000L third
Photos must be minimum 1024 x 536 pixels
You may submit up to/maximum 5 photos to the Flickr group.
Videos must be maximum of 5 minutes
Please load only 1 video to the  Flickr group.
There will be 3 judges; myself- Gracie Kendal, Strawberry Singh and Fuschia Nightfire
LAST day to submit photos and video December 1st, midnight slt
Winners will be announced Saturday December 8th, noon slt at a party on  the sim.
All work will be displayed in a gallery setting on the sim as well as on my blog.
Please let me know if you have any questions. You can email me:

My project summary:
My idea is to deconstruct one of my paintings/collages into a full sim installation that avatars can walk and fly through and get lost in. Just like my 2D work in RL I will create the installation using chance and spontaneity, color and texture, mood and atmosphere.
From the time I first joined SL in 2006 there has been an ongoing debate about the validity of RL 2D work (paintings, photography etc) brought into SL vs NPIRL work. While I fit in both realms as well as in between and outside, I want to take my RL 2D paintings a step further and create an NPIRL installation by using the tools in SL to create a brilliant, beautiful, sensual, sumptuous, exotic, unreal space. I will also have a stream of music playing which may be classical or jazz. That will be determined while I am working on it.
I want to use the space as an opportunity to develop new skills of textures and shine, lighting and transparency. I want to expand on the idea of blowing apart a painting to evaluate and experience each layer separately and as a whole. After working on avatar Identity for the last couple  years, I want to work with my ‘hands’ again and get down to the essence of making an art object/installation.
I would also like to imagine the SL installation as a possible RL installation either in a gallery setting or as a public work of art.
I would also like to imagine the SL installation as a possible RL installation either in a gallery setting or as a public work of art.

Kristine Schomaker
New media/performance artist and painter


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