Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Path

The Path was a build based around the Exquisite Corpse concept sometimes used by the Surrealists. Essentially each chosen artist adds to a composition in sequence. I invited eight artists whose work I admire, some have worked in SL for ages and are well known, while others less so but equally talented. Each artist was invited to stand on a coloured box and once all were ready I rezzed a chart which listed the sequence of scenes in a narrative by colour. So if red was first on the chart then the artist standing on the red cube would begin the narrative. The artist who goes first begins a story.
Imagine something like this "There once was a darling little girl named Gretchen. One day while playing in her room she heard heavy steps coming up the stairs to just outside her door. She quietly got up and peeked through the keyhole and saw..." Then artist one passes that off to the next artist in the sequence who reads it and continues the story. Artist two then passes it off to artist number three and so on until the final artist. You can imagine the infinite possibilities and the machinima shows how ours turned out. Below was the random order of artists.

1-bryn oh
2-colin Fizgig
3-marcus inkpen
4-desdemona enfield / douglas story
5-Maya paris
6-claudia222 jewell
7-scottius polke
8-Rose borchovski

Nice post by Rowan Derryth on the Path here
And an interview on Treet.TV.

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