Thursday, December 8, 2011

Month of Machinima: New Link for Submission Form & December Program, "Endings"


The deadline for January is December 15. The theme is "Black and White." Interpret that in interesting ways in films made with machinima that focus on the arts, highlight the art of machinima, or are art films.

The selected films will be screened at an inworld event on the first Wednesday of the month at the LEA Theater and also on the Month of Machinima YouTube channel.

We had a great screening event last night for the December Month of Machinima program, "Endings."

Here are the films:

Star M4SK22 Melody

A Womans Trial Chantal Harvey

The Minoan Empire Tikaf Viper

Self Conclusions Bleu Oleander

Sad Robot Urban Steampunk

Gibbet by Mary Wickentower

Navi Navi Laurina Hawks

AND remember!


  1. Professor Loire I submitted a video using the original link may i ask if they were lost? I had submitted "a Black & White video "Snowfall - One Octave Up" Am I to late now?
    Thank you!
    ~Sophia Yates~

  2. I too have submitted videos that were lost like this one Is there a way to see videos that have been sent in and can be verified?