Thursday, March 22, 2018

LEA6-updates on the MOSP ( Machinima Open Studio Project ) by Chic Aeon

 Find the gateways at the main MOSP backstage lot info building:

Two new full but "in progress" areas are now open to the public. While not nearly complete, there are open skies and buildings to explore.  Above is "Off the Grid" where power is self generated or done without.

The second full sim offers quiet and contemplative spaces in a serene locale -- or a backdrop for some rock climbing; take your pick.

An updated version of Deep Blue Fantasy is back, just in time for Fantasy Faire blogging and vlogging and perhaps a machinima featuring flights of imagination. This is a 64 meter blue sky pod installation.

Another pod aptly named "A Country Summer's Day" features flowers, gardening, picnics and a flowing stream.
 Go forth and film!

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