Sunday, January 8, 2017

LEA7 - Big Data Goes to Bonestedt by Moewe Winkler & ChapTer Kronfeld

DATE: January 14, 2017
TIME: 1PM SLT  (22:00 CET)
ARTISTS:  Moewe Winkler & ChapTer Kronfeld
 Big Data goes to Bonestedt

Moewe Winkler, ChapTer Kronfeld

Next Saturday it's finally going. ChapTer Kronfeld and Moewe Winkler open their joint production "Big Data goes to Bonestedt" on LEA7.

You are welcome!

    Opening LEA7 - Big Data goes to Bonestedt

    Saturday, January 14, 2017, 1 PM (22:00 CET)

    Moewe Winkler, ChapTer Kronfeld

ChapTer has realized the part "Big Data", while Moewe has been busy with "... goes to Bonestedt".

ChapTer Kronfeld on "Big Data ..."

Go inside and lose your data - go inside and lose your data. Lost in the jungle of his own data.
Limit values ​​become one-way one-way streets of communication.
Data theft mutates to theft of souls. Personal identity loses the essence of empathy forever.

Know forever what data you communicate.

Moewe Winkler about "... goes to Bonestedt"

Bonestedt is everywhere. A fictitious place, difficult to find, often mirrored, and a strange nothingness behind.

Where the trivial is still trivial.

Here you can only hear the strange voices of the seekers, waiting and wavering.

Quite without sisyphos, stones roll upwards - and down again. Bonestedt is beautiful, really.

Best viewer settings

Above all Moewe's part lives by the light settings in the viewer.

In order to see the projections and reflections, you should set the graphics card to "high".

But it is not a must. We have developed LEA7 so that every setting is interesting.

The best settings:

    Graphics card to "high"
    Activate Sound
    Use the Region setting "Midnight"
    Activate "Shadow"
    Activate "Advanced lighting model"


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