Wednesday, November 4, 2015

LEA Land Grant Application: Round Ten

Image: From "The Egg" by Livio Korobase(link is external)
Important Dates:
November 2nd - Round 10 applications open
November 30th - Round 10 applications close
December 10th  - Notifications sent out
January 1st - Hand over regions to recipients
June 30st - End of round 10
It's time for the next round of the LEA Artist-in-Residence Land Grants! The LEA Land Grant program seeks to promote and nurture the arts in Second Life, through a six-month land grant to recipients. Recipients can be individuals or groups interested in creating or curating art, or proposing cultural projects which would require/utilise a full-sim build and can be completed within the allotted time frame. The LEA is able to offer land grants through the generosity of Linden Lab.
Below you will find all the information needed to apply for a Land Grant, including helpful information for your application, and how decisions will be made.
If you need any further information, please ping a committee member with your questions.

The application form and continuation of this article can be found here, with the application at the bottom of the post.

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