Sunday, August 31, 2014

Welcome to M*A*S*H 4077 - Opens September 1, 2014

This would not have been possible if not for the LEA and I am SO grateful for the opportunity to create yet another world so that visitors can bring it to life.

Photo by Tahiti Rae

In a time of great conflict on this planet, I wanted to recreate MASH because I think it's important that we remember how war separates us, and yet also how it brings us together.  I am humbled and honored to bring back the full gamut of emotion that the writers and actors burned into our memories with this television series.  We use the past as part of our foundation for the future.

This Mobile Army & Surgical Hospital is set on the front lines in the Korean war, which lasted from June 25, 1950 to July 1953.  Five million soldiers and civilians lost their lives.  The actors' irreplaceable skills reminded us that in the midst of the saddest cry, we need a really, really good laugh.  And right in the midst of our belly-straining, hardiest laugh, we need a good cry.  And those who seem the strongest and help everyone get through tragedy, then walk off and privately suffer their own.

The good that comes from war is the thriving people and freedom which was defended with so much sacrifice.  One real veteran said that he would do it all again after seeing the South Koreans thriving in their culture today.

Photo by Tahiti Rae

You will land in a welcome house in the sky where you can read a short note about the sim and some facts about the show if you like, or leave your thoughts in the MASH guest book.  From there,  you can teleport to MASH and land where the patients come in. Clipboards are the patient's charts, and are placed all over the sim.  Each has something important to say if you click on them.  The ones in the post-op ward contain stories from real veterans.  If you explore the sim close enough, you will find a teleport to the end of the story, where again, the clipboards will have something special for you.

The art of making a whole world on one sim, so I am taught, is to not only bring forth emotion, and memories, but to teach. The most joy I receive from building these worlds is hearing back how you feel, and to feel the tickle of your feet inside my imagination.  I wish to thank the LEA and a few very special people who endured putting up with me and invaluably helping me with MASH.  They made me laugh so hard, I cried.  Enjoy!

A very authentic and detailed build in deed, Lap

Opens September 1, 2014


  1. The work Tah did here in just a few short weeks is simply astounding! A touch of heaven in hell and beauty among pockets of tragedy and death. Her ability to illustrate a story with prims, mesh and sculpties with such detail never ceases to amaze me. Another fantastic build by one of Second Life's finest!

    1. She did a wonderful job, as always. I love it :)

      Ed Faith

  2. I hope somone makes a tour machinima of this build. :)

  3. Machinima being filmed as I post this, by a phenominal film crew who spent about 10 hours on day one of filming! And we're not done yet! Thank you to all my visitors, friends, film crew (who ARE friends - good ones) and especially our veterans who served in the Korean War or whose parents did. There are MASH fans all over the world.

    We will host a Thanksgiving feast in the Mess Tent to express our thanks to all our Troops. There will be chopper rides to the Mess tent for all. Hope to post the Holiday event soon in LEA events.

    All my best, Tah.