Sunday, April 15, 2018

LEA28 - Untitled, installation by Storm Septimus is now open

Untitled at LEA28

Storm Septimus has this to say about the installation:

Untitled is a dark, extraordinary, and powerfully immersive environment open to everyone to explore. As a destination it reflects the darker corners of the mind, with deep provocative imagery throughout. This installation is emotionally and visually hard hitting. There is an extensive note card available at the landing point to help visitors gain a thorough understanding of the build. 

This installation is not the most performance friendly work either. Its a very complex layered build which has issues in some places with loss of frame rates and/or not fully loaded pieces. This ranges wildly between users as of course some people's machines are higher end than others.And some people have no issues at all, whereas others find it absolute torture.  But I wanted to add this note because I am aware of the issues and its worth mentioning that if someone is expecting a smooth experience they are probably in for a shock.  

 Also worth mentioning that the build has an area dedicated to the work of Virtual Ability. They were kind enough to give me a bundle of info about the support they offer in second life to its disabled users. Which is something I would very much like to highlight as it could help someone greatly.

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