Wednesday, October 18, 2017

LEA29 -- Cosmic Latte Particle Universe presents Events on October 22nd and October 26th along with other news


Cosmic Latte’ Particle Universe is Pleased To announce the start up of its "Particle Artist Series"  created to showcase and define the very different styles of particle artists in SL..  Tansee, creator and coordinator of LEA29 states “ We are all given the very same tools to work within SL.  It is our own unique personality and spirit that create all the diverse interpretive styles and expressions of art that each person manifests with those tools.  

Coming up Sunday, October 22 at 1pm SLT is the first "Particle Artist Series" show by longtime particle artist Venus Adored.  She is known for her expertly scripted particle moments combined with her storytelling and musical coordination.  Join Us at the Infinity Performance Platform for Venus Adored’s Halloween show “The Bewitching Tree”.  

Thursday, October 26 at 11am SLT will be an educational as well as a visually interesting casual display of “Blended Particles” by Tansee showing the many uses of FS Particle Editor’s features of texture blending. Tansee has been working on Blending for almost 2 years now and has an infatuation of the many layers of colors produced by this tool.

Visit LEA29 to view the two distinct styles of SL Particle Artists Kurk Mumfuzz  and Lexxy Moore..  Kurk’s display shows his elegant command of scripted emitters that produce ambient, graceful movements that visitors can float amidst. Lexxy Moore gives a tiny sneak peek of her own special unique scripted style that can also be seen in collaboration with Thoth Jantzen  scheduled on sister sim LEA28 Media Magic “Visual Jazz” Saturday, Nov 4 at 7pm SLT

Also coming up in the "Particle Artist Series”  November 

Roxy Temple of Particle Magic Sunday, November 12th at 1pm SLT
 will be showcasing her love for bold, bright and lively interpretation of colors and explosions 

Moondance Parx Show scheduled for Friday, November 17th at 8pm SLT 
She is known to accompany SL musicians creating colorful animated skies and groovy lighting effects in real time, allowing the music to unfold the scene.  Her unique style is fueled by a love of math and sacred geometry ... add force and watch outShow scheduled for Friday, November 7th at 8pm SLT

Visit the Educational center Pods at LEA29 to learn more about the many uses of Particles in SL.. 

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