Saturday, June 4, 2016

LEA26,27,28,29 - 5 Dimensions presents the PopUpArt Event Grant Winners

Recently the 5 Dimension group of Betty Tureaud, Tansee, Gem Preiz and Mandel Solano invited artists to submit an art object which would pop up from a pad when an avatar walked across it.  Betty provided the script and root prim which made the whole thing work.

More than 30 artists submitted entries and the winners of the two $10,000 linden grants were Frankx Lefavre and NaTas Janus.  Congratulations to these two artists and to all those who submitted entries. There were some truly amazing entries and I am sure it was difficult to decide on the grant winners.

Another view of NaTas Janus's Winning Entry for the PopUpArt Event
Photo by JMB Balogh
NaTas Janus's Winning Entry in the PopUpArt Event
Photo by JMB Balogh

Franks Lefavre's  Winning entry for the PopUpArt Event
Photo by JMB Balogh
Another view of Frankx Lefavre's Winning entry
Photo by JMB Balogh

The exhibit of the entries will be open until the end of June.

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