Thursday, October 1, 2015

LEA29 -- Events for October 3rd and 4th at Watercolors in the Rain

SaraMarie Philly, Saturday October 3rd, 8-9pm

LEA 29,  Watercolors in the Rain, is proud to present, SaraMarie Philly at our first live event for the LEA season. Come join us and enjoy a great evening with Sara October 3rd from 8pm-9pm.

Classically trained pianist/vocalist plays pop, jazz, blues and more. 100% LIVE.  Come hear her push all the beat buttons on the synth and live-remix versions of Phantom of The Opera, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Leona Lewis, Adele, Selena Gomez, Ke$ha, Michael Jackson and more. Preview her at then come to hear her LIVE show.

 In my original music, I just write what comes to my heart, regardless of what genre it sounds like. I choose cover songs that have special meaning for me within the lyrics or that connect with me in a musical way. I'm still finding my identity and trademark sound as a vocalist, which means that at this point in my life I perform a very wide range of genres from Classical Opera to R&B, and I like that SL lets me do this. ô€€€

CelticMaiden Warrior  Sunday October 4th, 12noon to 1pm
On Sunday, October 4th at 12pm to 1pm, LEA 29, Watercolors in the rain, warmly welcomes our dear friend, CelticMaidenWarrior to perform her musical magic at our sim. We hope you will join us!

Celtic taught herself to play the guitar in 1971 when she was 13 years old.  Her first performance was at an 8th grade talent contest, for which she sang Kris Kristofferson’s “Me and Bobby McGee”. She spent her teen years in the middle of her bed with her John Denver song books.

When she left home to join the military, she married and quickly started a family which left little time for guitar playing.  During the mid 1980’s she found comfort in performing worship music for her mission church in Okinawa, Japan, as well as singing in a contemporary Christian band which toured around the island.

She has performed in the USOs for American Military servicemen and their families. Celtic also broadcast live on Japanese radio from the Okinawa Zoo, and Botanical Gardens. She traveled to the Philippines and performed for 5000 people in a dilapidated athletic auditorium and traveled around the barrios sharing music with the local people.

Now Celtic is playing everything from folk to classic rock easy listening and rounds it off with traditional Celtic ballads which she does acapella.


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