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Round 9 LEA AIR Grants - What are they building?

Round 9 - Dreamers by Cica Ghost

We plan to start every new Round of Artist in Residence Grants by providing you with a brief summary of the accepted applications. This will give you something to anticipate, and an idea of what the artist is thinking as you visit the works in progress. To visit these regions, simply go to LEA3 and use the map for slurls to all of them.

Round 9 AIR Grants - Summaries

LEA10 Artistik Oluja "Primitive Spaces"

An immersive space that is meant to be explored by users, with multiple "sculptures" that express the narrative of facial expression. Some of these will include responsive scripts that react to avatars in range and touch, to manipulate the deformation of the faces. I would also like to add an interactive face, where users add their own profile picture to help "build the face" back up. The idea is that the visitors became a part of the narrative, their understanding of the emotion by experiencing the loss of expression, and then interacting with the build to help build it back.

LEA11 Michael Wexhome "Post Retro Cyberpolalypse"

This project will include various cultural references of the time, fads, fashion, style, pseudo progressive tech Example: (Nintendo powerglove) (Early Virtual Reality). Behold a Hive city constructed almost entirely out of recycled, reused, or repurposed materials. Flickering lights, Dangling wires, Garbage, Claustrophobic.

LEA12 Seafore Perl "artIfacs"

An interactive (triggered narrations, sound effects) virtual walk-through environment. Along the pathway are several wounded soldiers, accompanied by narration of their circumstances (actual events that the author experienced during his tour in Vietnam). There are two caves, one with large scale PTSD faces, the other with scaffolding surrounding an over-scaled arrangement of virtual still life objects. In the center, in the caldera (within a height-map rendering of the Mount Saint Helen's terrain) there is molten lava and flying bodyparts. Also, there are explosions along the pathway as well as a napalmed baby.

Round 8 - Eternal Suspense by Giovanna Cerise

LEA13 Lacocinelle "Scenic Arts Festival"

A huge scenics arts university place, with classes in how to create a dance show, from building a set, creating a choreograhy , creating animations and poses, and the main theatre would be opening weekly with themed dance shows.

LEA14 Caliandris Pendragon "Spiral Pathway"

Experimental art installation along a spiral path, with objects and flora which play music when walked through to create an immersive game. I would include fireworks and visual effects using particles. This will require the use of scripts. Ideally stretching from ground level water into the sky. I would probably use interlocking spheres around the path to try to contain the experience within the sim.

LEA15 Storm Septimus "The Grey Child"

I wish to propose a full sim build based around a piece of writing I did a while back "the grey child". The build will be a set within a very natural landscape of soft greys and whites, with splashes of the other childrens' colours when appropriate. This build will be kept wholly at ground level and open. I imagine the final piece to be a touch abstract in execution, after all children do not see the world in the same way as adults.

LEA16 MiaSnow Myriam "The Colour Out of Space @ The Blasted Heath, West of Arkham"

My goal is to reveal the Colour Out of Space @ the Blasted Heath, West of Arkham - an inspired depiction of H.P. Lovecraft’s 1927 story depicting a “particular region” where “nothing new [had] ever grown over those five acres of grey desolation that sprawled open to the sky like a great spot eaten by acid in the woods and fields” after the meteorite “fell out of the sky and bedded itself in the ground beside the well at the… Gardner place.” One by one the family and livestock all went mad or died, all while “no sane wholesome colours were anywhere to be seen… everywhere those hectic and prismatic variants of some diseased, underlying primary tone without a place among the known tints of earth.”

Round 8 - Cammino e Vivo Capovolto by Mistero Hifeng

LEA17 Pixels Sideways "The Play's the Thing"

"The Play's The Thing" is an art and educational exhibition that will showcase the work of several artists interpreting various works of William Shakespeare, and continues the excellent tradition of the Caerleon Artists Collective themed group shows that began in 2008 to challenge both novice and seasoned artists, individually or collaboratively, to work in/on unique spaces to create interpretive art installations.

LEA18 Kiesta Aljon "Sacred Light"

This will be a walk through project. 5 domes of light and shadow...each getting brighter and brighter. There will be light and shadow and colour and texture and stillness and movement inside each dome.
There will be simple scripts for prim and texture movement.
The domes will be somewhat translucent from outside, but the texture will be control from the inside...

LEA19 Livio Korobase "Growing Up"

A big colorfoul mandala cover the ground. At center of sim there is a giant egg. Wind move some flying creatures and when they hit the ground a sound happen.
Some area are walking sensitive, and when someone walk over some hidden objects appear for some seconds, then disappear. This make the sim never the same, always changing.
The change trigger is based in esagrams.

LEA20 Thoth Jantzen "Khemennu II Plus"

An exploration of the relationships of art, language, philosophy, and science with both literal and symbolic/metaphorical images and systems. a side aspect will include a 'retrospective' of the evolution of my "mediamagic" work with media-active structures and environments, tied into the main theme through the concepts of evolution and emergence. (depending on the view of the committee, i am also considering including a modest 'gallery' of works from different artists from various times in SL, with top examples from different periods and styles, for example, "pre- and post-sculpty", "pre-and post-mesh", scripted/unscripted), and so on.

Round 8 - Cammino e Vivo Capovolto by Mistero Hifeng

LEA21 Fuschia Nightfire "Invisible Layers"

Invisibility prims and the way they interacted with alpha textures behind them, even when the texture only had 1% transparency on it, the invisibility prims stripped that texture away to show the texture beneath it. The installation will be totally immersive and interactive for the viewer.

LEA22 Katharine McGinnis (on behalf of Holiday Appreciation Association)  "Holiday Galaxy"

Visitors will jump aboard an interactive galactic adventure, beginning at Holiday Planet's launch room. A rocket approaches, allowing visitors to buckle in safely before 3... 2... 1... BLAST OFF! This fully functional, scripted rocket will follow the tracks of a rollercoaster, exploring the depths of sky blanketed with stars, galaxies, and of course planets themed to various holidays and celebrative occasions that occur throughout the year!

LEA23 czechoslovakian Resident "Traffic"

Bumper cars in the city!
An urban environment is the backdrop for an intricate traffic maze filled with cars. Most of the cars are scripted and drivable. Some more successfully than others. As you tp in you're able to pick a random car and make your way through the city. At random points, and depending on where people will leave the cars, traffic congestions will occur. How the visitor decides to handle these traffic jams will be left entirely up to them, creating a constant organic traffic flow in flux.

LEA24 Cica Ghost "Dreamers"

I would make something like park with lots of sculptures and corners for dreaming. I wouldn't use many scripts, just for poses probably. I would make my own sky setting.

LEA25 Misprint Thursday "The Bridge"

The Bridge is a mixed reality collaborative project proposal between artists and past collaborators Misprint Thursday and Jay Newt aka Jay Van Buren. Jay and Misprint will begin by creating the Brooklyn Bridge in SL. From there, artwork will be built on and around the bridge. This will probably be a curated project-with a call for entry, although the details of exactly who will participate is not solidified. Once the virtual art is created on the virtual bridge, it will be then used as content and able to be visualized through augmented reality at the real Brooklyn Bridge in NYC.

Round 8 - Entropy by NaTaS Janus

LEA26 Lorin Tone "Inworld Sound Effects"

An immersive interactive sim-wide demonstration of how inworld sound effects can be used. Often, sound effects are overlooked in many great builds. Sounds can enhance a build on both an environmental and experiential basis. Free sounds and scripts along with examples and instructions will be made freely available to visitors.

LEA27 FreeWee Ling "Tableaux Vivants"

A hybrid performance space using SL technologies to transform environments in a narrative series of "gestures," or tableaux. The final product may be live performances with many avatars or a more controlled set piece for machinima, or both. For this project I am hoping to recruit others, either as "actors" and/or as full collaborators to create a narrative sequence of scenes that are completely scripted.

LEA28 Edie1943 Resident "Farm Co-op"

Farm Co-op will divide the 6.5 hectares of an LEA Region into 4 activity "islands" of about 1 hectare each, with 2.5 hectares of interstitial waters between them. The 4 activity islands will be "Photo Studio" (2D Art), "Gamer's Cove" (World Design), "Fashion Island" (Avatar Design, Fashion & Dance), and "Interaction Zone" (Machinima, Public Art & Performance Art). Avatar artists from across the entire range of SL residents will be encouraged to come participate and create.

LEA29 surreal Skytower "Watercolors in the Rain The Roleplaying Game"

I have a real world novel titled, Watercolors in the Rain. It is set in 1888 Victorian London. The story is an alternate history of the Jack the Ripper murders, only fictionalized and heavily laced with supernatural elements and a major retelling from a unique perspective. What I want to do, with builder friends. Is bring the vision of book, to virtual reality in SL.

Round 8 - Cocytus 9th Circle of Hell by Frankx Lefavre

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