Saturday, March 14, 2015

LEA8 - Aquaglo & StarFall Group

Location: LEA8 
Sky Fire Platform
Opening: March 15th, 2015
1:00 Open comments and a performance poem on Voice  Aquaglo
1:15 pm  Particle Show
1:15   Venus Adored
1:30   Mandel Solano
2:00  Tamsee
2:30  Lexi Marshdevil & Particle Tom
Dancing and open mic event on the Photo Gallery/Dance Platform at 2:45ish until….. we all get tired :)
This cooperative sim presentation is dedicated to all RL and SL artists who strive to promote positive changes for our planet, all peoples and to Charlie Hebdo and his staff RIP

 "Each moment – each hour - each day, the choices we make create our tomorrows...."

Time: 1:00 pm SL time  (voice is recommended and midnight setting)
Schedule of Events:

Begins at StarFire Particle Performance Platform
*Special thank you to LEA & LaPiscean Liberty, our LEA coordinator; for their kind help

**GROUND SIM IS MEANT TO BE VIEWED LARGE SCALE BY CAMMING OUT, FLYING OR BY WALKING. TELEPORT DOORS ARE OVER THE CRASHING EARTH.  Please make sure and visit all the teleport location The artists have worked hard to prepare a pleasant experience for us all.

***SEVERAL EXHIBITS NEED YOU TO HAVE Quicktime installed to view Media presentations*** and be on midnight setting.

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