Monday, March 2, 2015

LEA27 - FreeWee's Laboratory v.8.0: Music, Myth, Magic, Light, Shadows, Physics

FreeWee Ling is escaping the brutal northern winter in the warm sunny antipodes during a four month Endeavour Fellowship from the Australia Dept. of Education at the University of Western Australia in Perth. In addition to learning to speak 'Strayan, she is enjoying meeting up with several SL colleagues and friends in rl. FreeWee's LEA sim is mostly serving as a laboratory and demo site in support of her fellowship, so it's going to be a continuing work in progress with lots of odds and ends from past and present work.

Now open for viewing is the latest edition of "Theatrum Instrumentorum," a museum of musical instruments created over the last several years with fellow musicologist Oriscus Zauberflote. The objects are primarily faithful representations of rl instruments, but there are a few creative variations as well.

Since FreeWee is housed in UWA's School of Physics, she has placed some appropriate installations including her award winning nanoprim physics lab.  Also newly opened is her Sunlight Museum, an exhibit about daylight in both SL and rl, as well as simulations of extra-solar suns (i.e., stars). You can put on your goggles and SPF 1000 sun protection and take the elevator to the solar observatory where you can see a giant sun up close and personal, including some pretty spectacular coronal mass ejections. Transport to the Sunlight museum is via rocket ship from ground level.

Other exhibits include the scary Minotaur's cave from FreeWee's full sim Angry Gods installation a few years ago, as well as "A Time Away," a mini-vacation simulator. All are welcome to explore.


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  1. FreeWee has done a great job on this build, especially tons of the instruments!