Saturday, May 10, 2014

Opening Today: Ghosts of the Internet

Glyph Graves invites to the Opening today at 1 PM SLT:

There are ghosts


they inhabit other grids.

They are the souls of avatars lost to us,

like echos

from other dimensions,

it is said,

though no one knows for sure.

What we do know is

A weakness in the structure of metaverse

has opened

and they now


The Ghost of an avatar in Inworldz found at LEA21

This installation continues an ongoing  theme of reflections in virtual space. In this case the avatars are reflected from an identical sim In the Inworldz Grid to here and visa versa. their movement, the avatars height and rotation are reflected onto this sim.

To get to the sim take the TP behind this sign after reading the other signs ..the graphic settings sign is particularly important.

They are the shadows of shadows or, if you like the avatars of avatars of people.

If you want to see how it is on the "other side" then an account is easy to create and the slurl for the sim is

If theres no ghosts on the LEA sim down below sim you might want to pop over and create one..

Alternatively if you are not feeling adventurous I have set up the same thing between the the Coppelia sim in SL and the LEA21 sim

Teleport to Coppelia:

You can talk with the apparitions though you need to be aware that the conversation with the avatar will in open chat on the other grid. Only the conversation of the initiator of the conversation will go to the other  grid. To initiate a conversation simply touch the pseudo avatar once.  To end the conversation simply touch the avatar at any time.

Someone may initiate a conversation with you from the other grid. If that happens then simply chat normally (in chat range) and they will hear. If you do not wish to have a conversation or wish to end the conversation then simply touch the apparition once. Do not try to have a conversation with more than one apparition at any one time.  Bad things will happen... err.. and its also pretty confusing.

Beyond these landmark-pillars your avatar cannot be seen anymore from Inworldz

*N.B.  Any rumors you hear of Glyph "stealing avatars souls" or that the process causes any discomfort to said avatar are totally false. (the avatars do not feel any pain and they do not scream in "Horrid agony" though, they may feel a slight twinge as if someone walked over their graves).

Acknowledments: To transfer stuff between grids I used a nifty little set of scripts by Sasun Steinbeck.  If you have that need you may want to contact her about it.

Glyph Graves

 Opening Today, Saturday 1pm SLT 10th May!


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