Friday, September 13, 2013

Opening Saturday: The Portuguese Way

When we decided to present a project to apply to a LEA sim, we thought about doing something different from what we usually see in the LEA sims.

So we opted to do a realistic sim, depicting RL Portuguese landmarks and at the same time, show our history and culture, hopefully breaking the stereotype that Portugal is all about sun and sea. We called it "The Portuguese Way".

Visitors can opt to explore on their own, do a guided tour on foot or by balloon and visit the several monuments where they can get related information about Portuguese history and culture.
With lots of things to do and discover, it is most of all a place to visit and hang out with friends.

We are also going to present several exhibitions, performances and concerts by Portuguese artists in Second Life.

Incorporated in the landscape there is "Blindness". This totally dark maze was build based on the book "Blindness" by the Portuguese Nobel Prize winner José Saramago.
Do you dare to feel all the emotions arising from being blind? To feel the despair of not seeing? To struggle to see the light again?

The Team: Chagal Campestre, Flor Campestre, Janjii Rugani, Wan Laryukov, Winter Wardhani

"The Portuguese Way" will officially open on 
Saturday, September 14th at 02:00 PM SLT 
with a CME recreation of one of our best contemporary
Fado singers, MariZa.

More about Mariza:


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