Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bogon Flux is Guest at LEA20

For the start of AIR round 5 Eupalinos Ugajin invited Blotto Epsilin and Cutea Benelli to place Bogon Flux. This installation is the predecessor of the famous Petrovski Flux at Spencer Art Museum, which is regarded by many as the best installation in Second Life. The principle of both is a cluster of devices that grow, assembling themselves from modular units, only to blow apart and rebuild themselves. But Bogon Flux is "more silly and more to discover", as Cutea Benneli explained.

How to move in the work:

for the hieroglyphics-challenged, the
lower toob apertures have teleports to
assist with climbing. to descend, you're
on your own, and navigation is just
cutea benelli

All photos taken by Eupalinos Ugajin

Find and the landing area a book and safety helmet as visitors gifts.
Bogon Flux will be open until end of September.

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