Wednesday, February 13, 2013

LEA18 Has Four Exhibits by Marx Catteneo, Artistide Despres, Aen Aenis, and Pixels Sideways

Panic Room! 

An installation by Marx Catteneo and AenAenis.

This immersive installation looks best in Shadows and Lighting mode. It's concept is clearly inspired by computer games, creating a small new universe centered around the avatar as he/she struggles for survival. Avoid getting hit by objects and try to reach the end of the path by jumping the platforms surrounded by a dark drop to certain death.
Instructions for server settings at the TP point - All in all a (Second) life-threatening installation that should be experienced instead of read about. Have fun!

Concept: Marx Catteneo / AenAenis
Scripting: AenAenis
Building: Marx Catteneo

Marx Machinima Theater
By Marx Catteneo

A movie theater with two rooms showing different youtube playlists, the left room focusses on machinima featuring Art in Second Life, the right room has a playlist with general machinima and videclips. All machinima in both rooms is made by Marx Catteneo between 2009 and 2012.
The screens are media on a prim so the visitor has to click the screen to start the playlist, anyone who prefers viewing in an internetbrowser can find the playlists on Marx' channel:

Artée & Pixels Sphere of Magnetic Attraction 
by Artistide Despres & Pixels Sideways

This is a collaborative project by Artée and Pixels, originally created for a themed build called Consume.  

Artée had been experimenting with "avatar" magnets -- scripted objects that use force to push and pull objects and avatars.  By combining four of these objects, Artée created a "magnetic" field of sorts, into which an avatar steps and is propelled in all directions inside the field.

Pixels came up with the sphere concept, which creates an "infinite" sense of space as well as a sense of containment within the sphere.  The original sphere was black inside and featured an array of brightly colored moving particles.  It was, as we jokingly noted, "hurl-worthy." 

This time around, the goal was to rework the piece and integrate it into the existing landscape - a serene setting where it appears as a benign glowing sphere but once entered, the avatar is flung wildly about in all directions.

Making it nearly transparent allows both the avatar inside and those on the outside a comical view of the avatar trapped inside the magnetic force, zinging around in all directions at a rapid speed.

Avatars can exit by touching the interior surface of the inner sphere which will provide them with a slurl tp in chat.

But like a bucking bronco, how long one may "ride" inside the sphere before the magnetic force ejects them - and sometime as far away as an adjacent sim - is never certain.

Various Works by Artistide Despres
Artistide has created several intriguing works displayed throughout the sim, some of which are musically influenced.

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