Friday, January 11, 2013

Performing Arts Residency Program

LEA is now taking applications for a new Performing Arts Residency program. Performing arts include, but are not limited to live music, musical venues, theatre productions, art performance, ballet, multimedia projects with live performance, live particle and scripted media shows, etc. Performing artists and groups can apply for 6 month residencies on 1/4 sim parcels, to build, rehearse, make performances, etc. Each application should clearly describe the performance project, and the LEA committee will approve four applications for 1/4 sim parcels, each with 3750 prims.  Residencies are reviewed and approved by the LEA committee on a rolling basis, so don't hesitate. Click here to apply now.

About The Application
The online application has both required fields and free-form fields which should describe at length, as much as possible about your project. You may include links to to in-world venues, documented performances, upcoming performances, blog posts, or any other helpful media, as well as a history of your performance-related history. 

Community Framework
Since the LEA seeks to foster community, all applicants must agree to basic rules of conduct, to support mutual growth among peers. All performers-in-residence must abide by the LEA covenant, help keep sim resources amenable to large audiences on performance dates, and coordinate performance and rehearsal dates on the LEA calendar. An LEA liaison will be assigned to each performance lead, to help support and work through any issues that arise. There will also be an expert committee member to help with sim technical issues (sim reboot, sim resource analysis, etc) as needed. Planning of all dates on a calendar (performance, rehearsal, etc) is important. By submitting the application, you are agreeing to all these terms, so please do read them carefully as you apply.

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