Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Secret Rage's~ A Dream Within a Dream~ Expo Opening

Saturday Night 7 pm sl  (February 18th)

...An earthbound multi-level land  filled with vignettes depicting her nocturnal travels and visions~explore from deep underwater to reaching towards the sky...

Featuring live music by Tukso Okey, a headliner in Second Life (5+ years performance experience), and a performer with vast NYC stage experience (CBGB's, Kenny's Castaways, Knitting Factory, Red Lion, China Club, and hundreds more).  Seasoned multi-instrument musician (drums, keyboard, guitar, bass, percussion, harmonica, vocals ~ *ALL PLAYED LIVE as one-man band during concerts). Genres include funk, blues, jazz, soul, psychedelic, rock on original music created on the spot in front thrilled and delighted audiences.

Front door

Musical venue landing

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